About the artist

My family recently told me an anecdote. I have no memory of this, but when I was 11 years old I was asked what I wanted to do when I grew up. I replied that I wanted to be a “local artist”. What a little oddball I was… I actually went to Cambridge Uni to study literature, and forgot all about art. I took on a “serious” career as a copywriter and digital strategist and have run my own consultancy business for 15 years.

My first print reduction print.
First ever reduction print edition.

The trigger was an abandoned etching press, rusting in a garage. For two years, I nagged a relative to pass this on and finally won. My dear stepdad, Jim, restored it.

So, I had no choice but to master print making. Could I even draw and design after a gap of nearly 30 years? No pressure then…

I was lucky to count a printmaker already among my friends. Lee Wright and I had kids at the same primary school. I joined one of Lee’s workshops and had around 8 hours of lessons. This really got me going. Lee has been an inspirational teacher and I still count on him as a mentor as well as an awesome friend.

But I also challenged myself and worked hard. I attended life drawing sessions for a year to improve my observation, patience and hand-to-eye coordination.

Life drawing in charcoal.

So I’m mostly self-taught. I’ve experimented and stretched myself. I’ve made plenty of mistakes. And funded my expensive hobby with the unrelated day job. Then there’s the benign neglect of my kids…

Going on a printmaking course is exciting and fulifilling. You can work closely with your own photographs (and tracing paper) – all you need is the confidence to make marks.

Linoprinting brings a lovely retro and vintage vibe to an image by enhancing the basic line. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll pick it up and make a print that pleases you – especially if you use good quality materials.

If you join me here, you’ll get to try out my wonderful new press, Dolly, handmade in Shropshire by the fabulous Gunning family in Ironbridge.

Warm wishes for your ventures in printmaking… I hope to see you at Skirrid Print Studio.