“Beady eye”, reduction print

I have just produced 6 prints, a close up of a flamingo. The photos above illustrate the several layers that go into each print. Such a lot of thought and concentration goes into creating a linocut reduction but I also want to write about the subject and what leads us to work on a particular…

Dolly, the A1 press, has arrived

Here she is – Dolly – in all her glory. Made in Shropshire by Gunning Arts Printing Presses, she’s a local lass, which makes her pretty special in my book. She will mean I can make bigger, more ambitious linoprints and continue to learn the magic of etching. More importantly, she will be wonderful for…

Etsy shop update

I’ve finally revived my Etsy shop and I’m offering free shipping on all products. No need to say much more – take a look for yourselves.

Family printmaking workshop @ The Kindle Centre, HR2

On Saturday 9 March I set up a Skirrid Print Studio workshop along with other craft folk for a free session in The Kindle Centre. The event was organised by my friends at Clan (superstars) and funded by Herefordshire Council. We had a fantastic morning session making marks into polystyrene and printing from those. Lots…

Skirrid Print Studio is getting a makeover

Yes, there will be a fabulous art studio and gallery here in Longtown. Just waiting for builders to finish up. Then it will be time for me roll up my sleeves and pop open the paint tins. The best bit? I’ll be getting my hands on a decent sized etching press. Watch this space.